My Red Pill Moment

Last updated on June 3rd, 2021 at 04:49 pm

It took many blue pills until I finally decided to go for the red one and start blogging. Numerous times have I considered it and ended up taking the easy way out. How is this time different?

Well, I am not getting any younger and in order to remember details, I have to write them down. So really, this blog is as much my diary and post-it or notebook of things I consider worth remembering myself as it is a public blog. I have read many blog posts from people I don’t know and a few from people I do know and they have helped me in one way or another. My hope is that some of the things I consider worthy of remembrance, others will, too.

There are more philosophical reasons, too. I find myself withdrawing from social media more and more. I am avoiding the echo chamber; I am avoiding the boasting and bragging and whining. Not because I never boast or brag myself and not because I don’t care about the people who have reason to whine, no, very much to the contrary: Because social media has become such a shallow water it’s just no fun anymore to swim in. I prefer the depths of personal and professional blogs and well-researched and well-written articles.

I am a husband to my wonderful wife and a father to my five children. A large family, measured by today’s standards anyway, is of course the source of a never ending stream of stories. My wife and I picked up motorbiking as our hobby and are brand new and excited owners of two Harley Davidson bikes. For work I support my customers and prospects who are looking to solve information technology challenges in the identity and access management space. We just installed solar on our house and are looking into battery options to be fully independent.

So there is plenty on my mind and hopefully some of it will make for a good blog post worth sharing. Alright then: a glass of water, the red pill, and down the rabbit hole we go!

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